Bearded Trekkies: To Boldly Grow

The Captain: Aka Hillary.  23. Los Angeles. Hufflepuff. Pisces. Theater Kid. Bug Lover. Shipper. An easily obsessed empath with a flair for the awkward. Hopelessly optimistic with an open mind, dark kinks, and the mouth of a sailor. As far as love goes,

I don't care about your gender, I just love your personality.

My mind is a strange place, and if your's is too, then lets be friends. Fan of Star Trek, Sherlock, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and many more. Come and join me in my mirror universe! Also, feel free to ask about my NSFW blog.


Sorry not sorry for the rat spam. #Rats #Rat #Buttercup #RatSpam #RatsOfInstagram #MyPets

Sorry not sorry for the rat spam. #Rats #Rat #Buttercup #RatSpam #RatsOfInstagram #MyPets

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